Christmas is not in December nor is it in July in Australia

Happy Christmas on June 22 to everyone in the southern hemisphere.

The sun god is reborn and begins increasing time spent in our view every day from June 22. If we were to only take into account the time of sunrise at dawn then July 1 would be the rebirth. That’s the day when sunrises stop getting later every day and start happening earlier. By taking into account length of the day we see that the total amount of daylight time stops decreasing and begins a very tiny increase of 2 seconds on 22 June. In the northern hemisphere this happens in December. December 25th, Christmas.

The Romish version was a celebration of the change at dawn; the Byzantine Eastern Orthodox version celebrates the change of time at sunset as they have Christmas in January. Both were based on “eye reckoning” as the dates reflect noticeable changes in the position of the sun on the horizon.

Locally we have the following lengths of day around the winter solstice.

Date Sunrise Sunset Length Difference
June 19 7:35 AM 5:08 PM 9:32:37 −0:07
June 20 7:35 AM 5:08 PM 9:32:33 −0:04
June 21 7:36 AM 5:08 PM 9:32:32 −0:01
June 22 7:36 AM 5:08 PM 9:32:34 +0:02
June 23 7:36 AM 5:09 PM 9:32:39 +0:05
June 24 7:36 AM 5:09 PM 9:32:47 +0:08



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